What is STOP, Inc.?

Specialized Therapeutic Offender Programming (STOP), Inc. is an agency that offers comprehensive treatment services for individuals grappling with substance abuse or addiction, adult domestic violence offenders (both male and female), adult sex offenders, adolescent sex offenders, and DD sex offenders in Franklin County and neighboring areas.

Who is eligible to attend?

Individual Adults facing substance abuse or addiction challenges from Franklin County or its neighboring areas who have engaged in any form of sexual offending behavior, are eligible for assessment for program entry. Additionally, male batterers who have perpetrated violence against their partners qualify for domestic violence assessment and treatment services. Eligibility extends to individuals, even if they are not admitting to their offenses.

As a referral source, how do I refer offenders to STOP, Inc.?

Please contact STOP, Inc. at 614-461-STOP (7867) to arrange an assessment appointment for the offender. As a referral source, you will be requested to furnish background information on the offender's history, including details regarding known criminal offenses. PSI reports and/or FCCS Case Plans are highly beneficial in this process. Additionally, offenders are encouraged to directly call to schedule appointments.

What can I expect from
STOP, Inc.?

As a client, you will benefit from a comprehensive assessment and evidence-based treatment delivered by our treatment staff, who collectively possess 82 years of experience. As the referral source, you will receive a detailed report outlining the results of the specialized assessment and the subsequent recommendations provided by a licensed and trained member of the STOP, Inc. program staff. Additionally, you will receive weekly attendance reports to monitor the participation of your referred offenders in their classes and/or groups. These reports will also include information on your offenders' progress within the program, ensuring that you are well-informed about the advancements and engagement of your STOP clients.


Contact Us
  • Phone: (614)461-7867
  • Address: 839 W Broad St, Columbus, Ohio, 43222
  • Working hours: M - Thursday 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM